Christmas Time

Christmas this year for me was one of the best I have had for a very long time.


For me Christmas doesn’t really signify anything religious, I don’t enjoy the huge commercial aspect of it and I definitely don’t enjoy spending massive amounts of money (penny pinching accountant here)!

In May this year I took a leap into the unknown, moving my entire life from the wild West Welsh coast where I had lived for around 6 years, to start a new adventure in the South West town of Taunton. Although this was a move closer to where I spent my childhood in Gloucestershire it was still an almighty change from the slow paced, sleepy, Welsh comfort that I had become so used to.

I managed, with great difficulty due to the number of clothes which I definitely ‘need’ and the unnecessary number of duvet sets which I seem to have acquired in varying colours and materials over the years, to pack my entire life into a Vauxhall Corsa.

Nearly 8 months down the line I can safely say that I could not have made a better decision in my life than to come to Taunton when I did. My job was the main reason for moving here. It has more than lived up to expectations, giving me the challenge I need and allowing me to progress in a career which I enjoy and have great respect for. This job has also given me more than that, it has given me a new set of friends. A group of girls who all support each other through the ups and downs of, what can be, a tough place to be at times!work-girls-christmas-2016

When initially moving I decided that the best way to settle into a new place would be to move into a houseshare, hoping to meet people in a similar situation to myself! Again, 8 months in and this could not have been a better decision. has a lot to be thanked for in bringing me some of the best friends I could possibly ask for. 6 ladies in one house may sound like a nightmare but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 🙂 I have never really been a girl’s girl, but it just takes the right ones to change your perspective on that!

So, having completely changed my life with a move to the South West, a new job, new house and new friends, the run up to Christmas was new and exciting. We didn’t spend a lot of money but we did all the things that meant a lot to us; decorating the house, visiting Christmas markets, playing carols and going to Carol concerts, decorating the office to add some fetive cheer, wearing as many Christmas jumpers as you can get away with and generally being merry (lots of mulled wine involved).housemates-2016

By the time I had finished work to head back to West Wales for Christmas I was feeling extremely festive, and ready for a rest! My family had agreed that we were not going to buy Christmas presents this year, so Christmas passed with the enjoyment of good food, DVDs, a brisk walk in some very chilly weather, playing Pointless and just being with each other. However chessey this may all sound, it is true, and one of the happiest and most enjoyable Christmas’ that I can remember.

So here we are having started the New Year of 2017. I feel very hopeful that this year is going to be a positive one, full of many more of life’s lessons, I am sure. The last year taught me that in order to progress and achieve in life sometimes you have to take huge leaps into the unknown no matter how scary these may be. It has also taught me a huge amount about self worth and what I am worthy of, and I will never settle for anything less than what I deserve in my future. So, what will 2017 bring?